Workflow resource query block strips graphql 'errors' key from response

I have a Workflow which invokes a graphql query stored in our Query Library.

When I run that query in the query library, I can see the full response which includes an errors key (as per the graphql spec) to indicate something went wrong during processing:

However, when I run this same query from within the workflow, the errors key seems to be missing:

I'd like to be able to access that errors key so I can prevent the workflow from continuing at that point.

Any suggestions as to how I might achieve this or if there is something I have misconfigured?

Just wondering if anyone has seen this before or can help out? :pray:

Does the errors key show up when there is an error? If so, you could still prevent the workflow from continuing based on its existence.

Hey @MikeCB - thanks for chiming in!

The two queries i ran are exactly the same, i.e, they both cause an error. The difference is in the Workflows implementation, errors isn't available. Therefore I can't make a decision based on its presence.

Have you tried it without importing from the query library? I have a couple gQL calls that happen directly in the workflow (non-imports) and they do have an error property if I intentionally malform them. Maybe seeing if it's via the import vs. created in the workflow will help narrow down the issue.

@MikeCB Thats a good idea, lemme try that and I'll get back to you :+1:t3: