Workflow - remove undeployed changes


i’m working on a workflow, i’ve done changes that i want to revert, and restore the last deployed version. As you can see from the attached files, the last deployed version should be Oct 12 2023
but i can only restore to V0.0.1 (that is much older).
How can i undo undeployed changes?

I'm not sure if there is a way to scrub out the currently un-deployed work, but what you could try (maybe clone this workflow first for testing) is to deploy these changes and then revert to the last deployed version (Oct 12). Kind of a little rope-a-dope for the versioning.

I can't, by doing so I would lose the production version (which works correctly)

Hey Gregorio! I wanted to check in to see if you're still seeing this issue. I wonder if this lined up with the launch of a feature that could have put your Workflow in a bad state (it should now be resolved!)

Hi @victoria, i've checked right know. But i can't see any way to restore my last deployed version

Seems i've found a bug in workflows section.
I'm not able to use my app...
please help me

Hey Gregorio! That's definitely strange. If you refresh, do you see the same error? Did you make any changes to your Workflow before that error popped up? And any red errors in your browser console?

yes, also refreshing
the error keep showing
this is why i need to restore to the last deployed version

Do you remember what change you made to your Workflow before it started failing?

And do you see any errors in your browser console?

Hi Victoria
I understand that you rightly want to understand how to fix the bug, but my first goal is to restore the published version so that I don't have to waste days of work. can you help me?

Definitely valid! Asking my team now to try brainstorming some recommendations for next steps :slight_smile: