Workflow Python Timeout and Memory Limits


I am attempting to create a python code block within a workflow which has relatively high memory and runtime.
Is there a way to raise the timeout of a python block above 600s?
Is the memory limit for a code block documented anywhere? And is it possible to raise it at all?

Thank you!

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@easkybnd Welcome to the community!

Timeout Limit

Currently, Retool’s platform does have a timeout limit for code blocks, and 600 seconds (10 minutes) is typically the upper limit. As of now, there is no direct way to increase this limit beyond what Retool has set.

Memory Limit

The memory limit for code blocks in Retool is not explicitly documented in public-facing resources. It's designed to handle standard operations for typical use cases. Increasing memory beyond the default system configuration isn't an available feature at this point.

For more detailed information, you can always reach out to Retool’s support team, as I might be wrong here.

Alternative Solutions

  1. External Processing: For heavy processing tasks, consider offloading the task to an external backend server, such as AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, or a custom server. You can then use Retool to interface with these services.
  2. Batch Processing: Break down the task into smaller chunks that can be processed within the given memory and timeout limits.
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Thanks, Milan!

We have a feature request in our backlog to enable controls for memory & timeout limits for self hosted accounts :blush: