Workflow keep stopping and returned error code 139

Hello guys,

I have a workflow which consist of several workflows and google sheets data, and I try to merged all of the data with 'Merged with Queries' feature on workflow, and whenever I run the workflow it keeps stopping and returned error code 139. I attach the picture of the workflow and the logs. Is there any input or suggestion regarding this?

Thank you and I appreciate for you guys time!

It looks like it's failing on query2, but there is no query2 in your screenshot. Is it being called from somewhere else?

Hey @Naufal_Eginda -- by Merged with Queries feature, are you referring to a 'Query json with SQL' query?

I notice there are a lot of workflows you are calling :laughing: It looks like workflow4 is erroring out. If this is still an issue, please share a screenshot of that workflow getting called as this will help us gain more visibility into what's going on. Thanks!