Workflow JS libraries unable to be referenced

I'm trying to use some of the JavaScript libraries available to be added in my retool hosted workflow but I'm unable to reference anything but the already pre-loaded libraries in my code blocks.

I'm able to reference the pre-loaded libraries like uuid and papaparse perfectly, but any libraries I add from the list of supported libraries like pdfkit and jspdf I cannot figure out how to use them in my code blocks.
Could I be missing something?

Hey there! To help me narrow it down, what happens if you run the block? Does an error about the unresolved library appear?

i think that's just a warning from the linter (yellow underline instead of red) not an error, so I'd suggest trying to use it anyway and just try running the code with some console.log() statements and maybe a try/catch to see if the code actually works or not.

welp, idk how I completely missed @tanay-retool's reply, but ya I guess I'll leave this here for the linter (warning/error) statements for anyone in the future? :person_shrugging: