Workflow environments listed as (disabled)

I've run up against some trouble trying to run workflows on one of my non-production environments (see image).


When a webhook request is pointed to either of my non-production environments (using the special environment-specific URL), Retool sends back a "400" status code, indicating "Bad Request." I've tried setting the "default environment" in the webhook trigger, using the standard URL, and that also returns a 400.

I've the docs and forum and nothing mentions this "(disabled)" notice I'm seeing.

I would appreciate any help, I hope there's something obvious I'm missing

In my experience, an environment gets disabled in a workflow or app because one of the resources used is not configured for that environment.

It was a bit annoying that there was no indication of which particular resource wasn't configured, but going through them one by one I found it.

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Thanks so much, that's all it was!

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