Wizard reloads to step one on utils.openUrl success via js query

I built a wizard whose final step is to go back to a project page in salesforce that I've done via utils.openUrl in a js query (with nothing else) triggered in a virtual step. Right after I see the "receive processing" in the console for that specific query, the wizard reloads to step one while the actual Chrome browser window is loading the salesforce page. I've tried everything I can think of to keep the wizard from that reload as it's a little confusing for users to see step 1 and can't seem to prevent it. Anyone know what I might be missing?

I checked my state updates and none are made in this final process, and I even changed all queries to manually triggered, still happens. The wizard also reloads regardless of whether I open my salesforce page in the same tab or a new one.

Hey @ktbg!

Would you mind posting a screenshot of the configuration for your wizard? It would help to see the settings on the component as well as the flow itself. If the final step is a virtual one with no way for a subsequent step to be triggered I would expect it to hang on the loading screen for that step.