Why is this Event Handler not being acknowledged?

Back again with another video; I have successfully done this in the recent past, but maybe I'm forgetting something.

Both the Form and the Button have the event handler of {{form1.data}} attached to populate the table, but the error message that appears says it isn't there.

Comparing the script to the functioning app, it's the same.

Hey @runtcpip! What is this event handler attempting to do?

The action is set to "Run script" but the script you're running is just {{form1.data}}, which isn't any sort of action.

In a script, you can do things like



if (numberInput1.value < 50) {
  state1.setValue('less than 50')
} else if (numberInput1.value >= 50) {
  state1.setValue('greater than or equal to 50')

and so on!

I realized that a few days later -- I was trying to submit it to the DB to appear in the table, I got it now!