When using a loop block, the value variable is not accessible in the Body of the Rest API

See screenshot.
When making an API request while looping through a simple array, the value variable cannot be used in the Body parameter.

Is this a specification? Or am I using it incorrectly?

P.S. I can access the value variable normally within URL parameters.

Error content
Unexpected token 'F', "Failed to "... is not valid JSON

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Having the same issue, Headers and URL parameters allow for outside information, but body wont recognize. Please share some solution.

Hi, had the same issue. Solved it by changing step 1 to

return [
{"postvariable": "a"},
{"postvariable": "b"},
{"postvariable": "c"}

and {{value}} in step 2 to {{value.postvariable}}

so it looks more like the example in the docs:
Iterate through data with the Loop block | Retool Docs

Let me know if this works for you

Hi folks, I'm curious if I can get the retool version that you're working under when you're seeing this. We believe this is a known bug that we're tracking, but it's very intermittent, and ask @andreask points out small changes can knock it back into working, so it's been difficult to get a handle on.

To get your Retool version, you can click on your user icon, and the version should be at the bottom.
Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 11.27.22 AM

Thanks for reporting this!

also 3.26.0 here