When editing an editable tag column row multiple rows update

  • Goal: I want to have an editable tag column on my table. And be able to update individual rows of that column

  • Details: I have editable Boolean tag columns which don't seem to be causing an issue - they have manually entered options as they are restricted to True/False. This new column has dynamic edit options, as I want any string in the ID column to be an option for the parent column. But some (but not all) of the rows seem to behave as one. When I edit a row that already has a parent, all existing parents change. Also, when I edit a neighboring row to the rows with entries, it also edits the rows with entries. I am very confused!

  • Screenshots:

I have recorded a short video of the issue: Loom Message - 24 April 2024 | Loom

As you can see, the first edit I make is correct, just that row changes. When I make the second edit, 3 rows change. This is the problem.