What's the correct way to host images

We are trying to use retool as a CMS for a new website.
One of the challenges is image hosting and pre-processing.
i.e in Wordpress, you can upload images, cut and crop, and optimise them using plugins. I can see in Retool we can only upload them.
We want to store the images URL in database so they can be retrieved using the HTTP API or by connecting to the database directly from our backend.
Could you suggest any solution to implement something similar?

Side question: Is it reasonable to use Retool as CMS?

Hi @Javier_Cobos

I think you're making things complicated for yourself.

Headless CMS usually come with a CDN for assets (with several options to post-process them easily) and the ui already is good enough for many type of websites..

Retool is great to setup a custom interfaces for specific use-case and specific data integration.

Retool is great for CMS too (or *MS) but in your case it looks like you need a CMS for a typical website (pages, post, assets, etc). The Retool route allows more customization but you need to handle on your own many standard stuff such as the assets management and delivery.

Hope this help.

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Retool file storage is in beta.

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