Whats the best way to hide/show columns in a table?

When using the option "Use dynamic column settings", the time load of the table increase considerably up to 30 seconds.
Is there any other way to do this without impacting performance?

Hey @daveAS,

That sounds strange. I haven't yet encountered dynamic column settings messing with performance. Could you share you set up?

Echoing @minijohn! It would be great if you could share a bit more about your current set up and any further context you have so we can reproduce this on our end.

I pass the values of the multiple select to the table. doing this increases the charging time. also, scrolling through the rows is very slow

Thank you for sharing that! Out of curiosity, could you try duplicating your table (ctrl c + ctrl v) and then upgrading?

Also, how many rows and how many columns do you have?

I have already upgrade it and is the same,
i have 174 rows with 60 columns

Ah, I suspect that the large number of columns might be to blame, and I know you mentioned it's only slow when enabling dynamic column settings. Do the old and upgraded tables perform similarly? Is the performance similar in both Edit and Preview modes?