What plans allow public apps?

If, from the app editor view, I go to Share -> Public, I get a notice saying that's not part of our plan.

If, from the app preview view, I go to Share -> Public, I can successfully share the app.

I can't find any information as to what is actually included in the Cloud+Team plan, so I don't know which of these to trust, and I don't want to use a feature that we're not paying for and so might be revoked! Which plans are able to create public apps, and which of those two dialogs is the bug?

Hey @rob_at_brilliant!

Sorry about the confusion here, public apps are technically a feature of the Business plan and above. As mentioned in this post, the ability for you to create a public app on the Team plan is actually the bug :pensive: So, while it's available at the moment I can't guarantee that it will continue to be.

Yep, my searching didn't find that linked post but it would have addressed my bug, thank you.

Can you pass along a request to mention "Public Apps" as a Business/Enterprise feature on your pricing page? Pricing

So many of your docs just say it's a "Pro" plan - and I understand legacy docs are tough to deal with but there seems to be literally nothing public-facing outside those that post and this one that explains who actually can use the public apps feature.

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Thanks for that callout, will pass both bits of feedback along. Are there any particular docs you've been looking at recently that reference the "Pro" plan?

For what it's worth I haven't been able to track these back down but I'll let you know if I find them!