What is wrong with my ilke/like statement?

im currently working on server side pagination table and what to use like filter (includes).
i referenced some forum posts but it not working.

does anybody have solution?

thank you in advance.

Try something like this:

WHEN ({{application_table_filter.value.operator['name']}} = 'includes') THEN users.name ILIKE ('%' || {{application_table_filter.value.value['name']}} || '%')
    WHEN ({{application_table_filter.value.operator['name'] = 'isOneOf'}}) THEN users.name = ANY(ARRAY[{{application_table_filter.value.value['name']}}])

If it doesn't work, you can try to give more context, such as the format of the data in the variables

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Hi @kazutoshi.sugita, did @GuilhermeSilva's approach work for you? :slightly_smiling_face: