What is the difference between app and module

how do I make this layout and filter the record from table and searching the data while selecting inputs let suppose how do i filter the record using date filter , and export the the data in csv format . and the difference between app and module and uses of it . i am using mysql , some of tutorial into pieces which makes your document difficult to learn

Hi @priyag597! In general, in Retool, you'll just drag components onto your canvas, write queries to get/update data and connect them to your components (like a button that triggers a specific query on click).

  1. Here's a section on the docs that goes over a search bar + table: https://docs.retool.com/docs/working-with-tables#adding-a-search-bar
  2. There are a few built in CSV management options: filepicker components will have a .parsedValue property that populates if the file is a CSV, buttons have a "download data" option that can output a csv format, and tables have some built in CSV exporting options. If any of the default settings aren't working for your use case, we do have the Papa.parse library built into retool. The full PapaParse docs are here, and that could be used in a transformer, or JS query and they will support some more specific CSV parsing and exporting options.
  3. Modules allow you to build groups of components to reuse in various apps! We have some docs on modules here: https://docs.retool.com/docs/modules

Let me know if you have any other questions!

i am trying to use multiple components in app to filter the record but in query at time one input is working its not allowing to use multiple filter together

not able to filter with multiple filters , i am sharing setting what i have done how do handle becoz at time one filter is working ,where i am doing wrong

Hi @priyag597!

You might need to separate your statements with some (). I'm not sure how SQL evaluates multiple ANDs and ORs without being separate statements. Are you getting any errors when you run this query?

Here's a link to a Stack Overflow post with a pretty simple example of separating your statements with (), just in case this is helpful!