What happened to row height 'dense'?

There seems to be an updater to table, and with it - gone is the row height 'dense'.

I have this on my old apps, but not available in new apps - which means, there is uite a bit of difference in the look and feel - has anyone got any news /updates /workaround on this?

Has it actually been removed or am I, myself, just being dense :slight_smile:

Anyone? :no_mouth:

Hi @maillme It looks like we removed the dense row option :thinking: It was 24px, so "Small" would be the closest.

You can continue to use the legacy table for use cases where you prefer to have 24px row height, and I'll submit a feature request to add this to the new table

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It really changes the whole look and feel of apps :frowning: - which is a shame. The smallest is still quite large.

thanks alot for the reply!!

Hi @maillme I wasn't properly notified about this fix, but we did end up shipping a "x-small" row height (20px). It shipped on 3.14 and we're now on 3.19, so you may already be using it, but wanted to flag just in case!

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