"What are you building?" onboard submission

After signing up I tried to finish onboarding but can't make it past the 'What are you building?" page. So I am leaving what I was trying to submit here for now so I don't forget.

"Would like to turn my small town into the first "Climate Capital" aka a "research hub" where anyone can find resources and support needed for their ideas. Idea driven innovation to REGENERATE not simply paying 'taxes' to for not being socially SUSTAINABLE!"

(Side note: What is "sustainable" here cannot be a solution - carbon tax with no cap on a society of carbon-based beings means: though it may be sustainable for someone it probably won't be for those of us paying it. Finding regenerative solutions to our problems, however, becomes an insurance and a use case for individual beings [verbs, living beings] as something separate from simply users/consumers. Kind of seems like the language and our own use of words themselves will be played heavily against us if this is left to be the case though... you know, since we are training the very technology that will become superior to us with logic underlying LANGUAGE, not having a way to differentiate our VERB self and our NOUN [or PRONOUN] selves through the interface with this technology [identities] sounds like we are marching happily on to our own demise.)

I apologize. I realize I fail to make a point sometimes so my side note I suppose is there for those who value mostly pointless insight.


Did you figure out what was the issue? I am facing similar issues

Piyush, I have not. But also, upon navigating to that URL for that page but without anything else past "...login" in the URL it just took me straight to the starting page of my new project/profile home screen - which I expected and am sure you knew already. like I said, was mainly posting it here because i have had so many head injuries it doesnt even do me any good to write it down anywhere for later or store it on a device - but i could use it as a good starting point when i want to expand my project description later. especially in upcoming meeting with City Manager and local government people here.

Hey @indefiniteness, @Piyush_Sachdeva! Can you describe the issues that you are facing? Sounds like you've created your org and logged in, and were brought into an app. Let me know if that's not the case. Would love to see screenshots of where you are getting stuck / what you are having issues finishing. Thanks!