Weird symbol showing up in empty table cells

Good afternoon @victoria,

That weird symbol in place of empty table cells I showed you during Office Hours is back on a different app. I went looking for clues in the DevTools and looked at that element.

Here is the contents of that cell:

Hopefully that will be of some help.

Oh no, it’s spreading! Will check in on this again today :+1:

The eng team has seen this once or twice before, but no leads yet. I created the bug report, will let you know if anything comes of it!

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Brad, by any chance, do you know if the export of your app shows the weird symbols? We're looking for a repro and still can't get it to repro on our end!

If it happens again (it's intermittent), I'll do that.

Yes please and thank you! :pray:

Same thing happens on my end. Do you have any update on this issue?

cc: @victoria

Hey @heynoway! Would it be alright if I checked this app out? If so, the name of your app would be great :slight_smile:

Also, what OS and browser are you on?