Weird behavior from Checkbox tree

I want to use a checkbox tree to exclude a list of resources from either or both of two options (Time Entry and Billables Race). However, any time I select the person under Time Entry, it also selects them from Billables Race.

I want to be able to independently exclude them from only one option. For example, exclude them from the Billables Race, but still require them to enter time. Why can I not seem to get this to work? Below is my code which generates the JSON for the checkbox tree.


var optionChildren = resource => {
return {
label: resource,
value: resource,

var optionTree = ["Time Entry", "Billables Race"].map( option => {

/* The reason why I am rebuilding this, is so that I am not pointing to the same data
* I thought that might be the reason for the weird behavior, but it didn't seem to help */

var children = child => {
return {
label: child.label,
value: child.value,
return {
label: option,
value: option,
children: children,

return optionTree;

Very interesting!

Examining the state of the checkboxTree component with this setup shows that there is actually only one option "checked":

I think the issue may stem from the fact that is identifying the child as a single object (not necessarily a single reference) by value name. i.e. there isn't checked state on the item's value in the tree but a lookup of "value" based on what is "checked" -- Now, there is a checkedPathArray that shows the correct selection (I made the Time Entry check, and the Billables Race entry was the ghost checkmark) but I don't think this is something that you can workaround without changing the value property of the child when creating the tree.

We are looking into a bug where all children labels having the same value get checked if only 1 is clicked, so I'll let you know if our team ships a fix

Hi Tess!
I'm trying to use the checkbox tree, but it seems the issue persists when handling the same naming across different children but for different parents.

Also, it has a weird behaviour when trying to select and unselect options regardless the parent.

Do you have an estimated time to solve this issue?


Unfortunately, no eta yet :disappointed: I'll add your +1!

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Thank you!