Was there a Workflow update the 21st of august?

I was wondering if there was a Workflow update this week?

Yes, Retool is at version 3.10.0 now.



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Thanks for the quick reply.
Nice that there are new improvements. However, it made my application crash :smiling_face_with_tear:. I was on a holiday for a view days so I didn't log into Retool. I checked the databases this morning to check the generated data from last week and I noticed it didn't generate any data. Checked the automatic Workflows, and they didn't run since the update, while I was on holiday. So the end-users couldn't use the app for several days.. This is really an issue to me, as the app - like this - is not reliable...

Update; I checked the database and flow today, and it works. I didn't do anything to fix it, so whatever it was, I am happy that it works again :smiling_face:

Thanks for the update, @ellenhelena ! Glad that this was resolved, likely one of our Workflows engineers' many recent improvements/releases included this bug fix. :smile:

Please do let us know if this or any other strange behavior crops back up and we'll take a look :mag_right: Sorry to hear this meant your users couldn't use the app for several days. If you're experiencing an urgent issue, I'd recommend reaching out to one of our other channels such as support@retool.com for quicker responsiveness on blocking issues! More support options detailed here: Contact Retool Support | Retool Docs

Hey @kbn,

Is there a separate changelog for Retool Workflow?


Hey @PatrickMast - no there's not a separate one, our Workflows changes are included in the overall Cloud and Self-Hosted changelogs along with other updates across Retool product lines :slight_smile: