Was there a Workflow update the 21st of august?

I was wondering if there was a Workflow update this week?

Yes, Retool is at version 3.10.0 now.



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Thanks for the quick reply.
Nice that there are new improvements. However, it made my application crash :smiling_face_with_tear:. I was on a holiday for a view days so I didn't log into Retool. I checked the databases this morning to check the generated data from last week and I noticed it didn't generate any data. Checked the automatic Workflows, and they didn't run since the update, while I was on holiday. So the end-users couldn't use the app for several days.. This is really an issue to me, as the app - like this - is not reliable...

Update; I checked the database and flow today, and it works. I didn't do anything to fix it, so whatever it was, I am happy that it works again :smiling_face:

Thanks for the update, @ellenhelena ! Glad that this was resolved, likely one of our Workflows engineers' many recent improvements/releases included this bug fix. :smile:

Please do let us know if this or any other strange behavior crops back up and we'll take a look :mag_right: Sorry to hear this meant your users couldn't use the app for several days.

Hey @kbn,

Is there a separate changelog for Retool Workflow?


Hey @PatrickMast - no there's not a separate one, our Workflows changes are included in the overall Cloud and Self-Hosted changelogs along with other updates across Retool product lines :slight_smile:

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