Very slow unresponsive editor with nested input fields

I need an app where I nest fields of a form in 3 levels like in the screenshot. It works but it is slow like hell. Just selecting one field in the mostly nested list takes about 5 sec.

I am a little frustrated, as I just thought that I could build my medium complex app with retool but it seems not possible as the current status is just half way of the app. I understand that you can seperate the nested elements in new lists outside of the parent list but this is no way my clients wants this.

Even the use of the app not in editor gets slow deep inside the nested elements.

Created the same nested form fields in weweb and it runs like butter. Same funcitonality same amount of fields...

Retool has so much besser features which speeds up the creation of apps but is it possible that it is only meant for easy dashboard stuff?

Any speed improvements in the work?

BTW i tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox. No significant difference but chrome being the fastest...

Hi @erbteilung Thanks for reaching out!

Typically, we recommend breaking out large apps that are slowing down into smaller apps and linking them together with a navigation bar, localStorage, and/or url params.

Our performance doc also has some other tips on improving performance such as being selective about how often queries get triggered & reusing Retool tabs.

This forum post by one of our Retool team members also has some helpful context for performance :slightly_smiling_face:

Our team is also currently working on a new and improved way to link different apps together, so definitely keep an eye out for updates.