Variables that are defined for Custom Authentication are not able to use while building the apps

Hi community.

I created the REST resources with Custom Authentication.

As you can see the above screenshots, it is showing the current user in the console after authenticating with the API.

But when I tried to access this variable in the javascript section of Building the app, it is getting the error.

So in the last step of Custom Authentication, I tried to use localStorage or Retool Context but they are not defined.

Please help me how to get the variable (from the step of Define a variable) in the app building.

Thank you,

Hi @lebrak I checked in here about your use case, but wanted to reply here as well. Custom auth variables are not in scope for referencing within the app. We also don't currently support updating the retoolContext/localStorage from the custom auth steps :disappointed:

We'll file this as a feature request for the time being! Let us know if you can share any details about your use case