Variable Base URL in Resource

Hey there,

we would love to have the possibility to configure a resource to have a variable base URL (based on the login input form, which also would be nice if it was a little bit more customizable).


Right now we can use this variable TENANT in the headers, URL params, body, but not in the base URL. It works in the URL of the custom auth, but not in the base URL of the general resource, which makes it impossible to use it without creating seperate resources for every tenant. That, on the other hand, would force us to duplicate our app for every tenant, which totally destroys the use case.


+1 on this request. My use case is very similar -- I manage multiple Shopify instances and want to build tooling around Shopify GraphQL with Retool. I want to write a single app that can manage my shops, but in order to do this I have to create a new resource every time. Even if I were okay with this (I am), I still would like to be able to select a resource dynamically from user input.

We have the same need.
Is this possible in the meantime?

Am i missing something here - cant you just make your 'baseurl' in the resource setup a bit shorter and leave off the 'dynamic' portion?

then when you call the rsource in your app - thats when you specify a dynamic value, like so:

Indeed, we just tried and even empty base urls in resources are supported - you can put the whole into the query and make it variable this way

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