Value for Set Filter in Event Handler is Boolean instead of Array

  • Goal: Using the switch component, I'd like to Set Filter in a table component when it is True.

  • Steps: I've set up an event handler for when the switch is toggled to True. The operator necessary is "is one of" so I've set the value to reference an array.

  • Details: The event handler seems to be working but it is not setting the value correctly. Instead of referencing the array, it is turning it into boolean. See screenshot. Thus, the table is not filtering correctly.

  • Screenshots:

  • Questions: Is this expected behavior? If so, is there another way I can make it so that if the switch is True it will filter to the array? Or am I doing something wrong? For other components (like multiselect), this same method seems to work fine. :confused:

Hi there @audreyanne96,

Would changing your value to {{formatDataAsArray(}} work?