Validation rules for date picker in an editable column

Hi Retool,

Is there any way to disable weekends from an editable column's date picker component?


Hi @johnwp

I don't believe so :disappointed: I can submit a feature request

In the meantime, you could create some validation that checks through each date to see whether it falls on the weekend.

You could use this to allow or prevent submitting the updates.

May be a more elegant way of doing this, but here's an example of what I'm thinking:

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Alternatively, it seems like you could set this type of validation on the stand alone date input.

You could use a form for editing values instead of modifying values from the table directly

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Thanks for the suggestions, Tess.

I like your idea of running a validation script. I could color the cell red and maybe trigger a toaster alert in the event of a validation error.

If you could open a feature request too, I would really appreciate that. It would be great to include the "Custom rule" field inside the editable column's Date component.

Agreed! I submitted a request

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