UUID returned from retool query as value enclosed in {""}

Getting an error from my postgresql db when trying to complete a write query:
invalid input syntax for type uuid: "{"1f0aa57c-02e6-42c9-976a-a34250fcfd5d"}"
Ignoring the first set of double quotes (which are a product of the error message format), the data being returned from the retool query for the UUID seems to be enclosed in {""}. The UUID is actually stored in the source table as: 1f0aa57c-02e6-42c9-976a-a34250fcfd5d
I'm assuming that these four characters {""} are not accepted when writing to the UUID field in postgresql. Is there a transform I can enable to deal with this issue by removing them?
See image below:

Fixed. Needed to specify the value for project_uid as {{query6.data.variation[‘0’]}} to avoid the UUID being returned as part of an array. Note the [‘0’] which extracts the UUID value from {{query6.data.variation}}