Utilsdownload: Cropping and generating blurred text when the screen size is reduced

  1. when i try to use the utilsdownload function when the screensize is reduced it is generating a pdf that is cropped and text is getting blurred and unable to read . attaching two samples pdfs for reference @Tess @victoria

Hi @kumar_kiran_jonnada thanks for reaching out! :thinking: I know we have a few feature requests/bugs on file around specifying the dimensions of the pdf & splitting pdf exports into pages. Sounds like those requests could be helpful here if our team picks them up.

@kumar_kiran_jonnada Any chance you can share an export of the app with us?

We currently have a bug where the PDF export's height is capped at 200 inches. Do you think that your app is hitting that cap? Some users have made hacky workarounds by excluding some components to make their apps shorter & then triggering multiple exports for different sets of components.