utils.downloadPage() - scale option not working


We have been exploring utils.downloadPage() and the output of the component in the pdf is very large. We tried using the scale but it does not work. Our concerns are:

  1. Any live demo for this?
  2. How to use scale properly?
  3. Does this feature even work? We tried a bunch of values from 1 to 100 and it does not make sense.

Example PDF (zoomed out by 32%) :face_exhaling:

utils.downloadPage("users_dashboard", { scale: 3, componentsToInclude: ["containerCalendarReport"] });

Before we even dig into custom components, We wanted to maximize the features of Retool first. But it does not help with our development. Thanks in advance!

Hey @niguevara! Welcome to the forums!

We've got some docs on the utils.downLoadPage method. As mentioned there, the scale option affects the resolution of the downloaded page, not the size of the components. It defaults to the window.devicePixelRatio, and increasing that number above 2 doesn't really make too much of a difference. But it can be helpful in generating a clear pdf if you are using a lower resolution monitor.