Using URL parameters to open a specific tab on load

I want to open a specific tab in a tab container on load if the url points to it but I'm unable to get it working.

The tab I'm trying to open.

I've created the url parameters

When I change the url to this and hit enter nothing happens

The url does update if I click the various tabs in the app but that is only half of what I'm after. What am I missing?

I am also hoping that I can point to a specific row in a table within that tab when I get this working. Will that be possible as well?

Hi @orn,

You can use the Default view property in your tabbed container.



Thank you! This did the trick for the most part. On load it doesn't go to the desired tab but at least I got one step forward thanks to you :slight_smile:

Hi @orn It should be working on page load :thinking: you may want to try putting {{urlparams.hash.currentViewKey}} here instead of currentViewKey:

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