Using S3 Upload Data

How do I use the action type upload data. If I use they I get a 400 Bad Request but if I use the S3 Uploader I do not. The difference between the two appears to be the acl=private which is and encrypted value.

1/ Is this the problem
2/ Can it be fixed?

I do not want to use the S3 Uploader which does work with the same data.

@bibble235 you're correct that the main difference between the two is the default ACL settings. Getting this to work can be a bit frustrating (I spent a few hours on it last week).

For S3 resources, you can configure the default ACL level when you set up your resource.

Thanks, my colleague found this. All working now

Hello! Just one question, if I do not want to use the s3 Uploader, and I want to set the ACL public for one specific upload query, without setting it as default in the resource as you mentioned, how can I do that?

Hi @Gabrielasil, You can't set the ACL on queries with our S3 integration at the moment :slightly_frowning_face: You would need to either use the S3 uploader or create multiple S3 resources with different default ACL's and create queries with these resources as needed. We do have a request in place for this exact functionality. I've added your plus 1 to that request and I'll be sure to update this post if this is built!

When will this be done?

Hi @Shobhit_Sachan Thanks for reaching out! I've added your +1 to the internal ticket, but unfortunately, this is still in our backlog :disappointed: Since we don't have an eta yet, I'd recommend moving forward with one of the suggested workarounds