Using multiselect .value in SQL query

If I have a combobox with the multiple selection with labels ["Option 1", "Option2", "Option2"] and values [1, 2, 3]
There is no way to use these values in SQL query without converting them to string. You even suggested the "solution" and yes, it is possible to use FIND_IN_SET, but they are all about data conversion.

delete from dbo.users
where id in(SELECT value FROM STRING_SPLIT({{ BulkDeleteRows.value }}, ‘,’))

You know at the moment of SQL statement preparation that one of the placeholders is the array, why you cannot just serialize it as is? There are only 2 types of data that could be used number and string, just add numbers support.

Hey @l0id - Retool will serialize numbers as numbers. In this case, if you’ve put numeric values as the values in a multiselect component, the .value array should contain numbers as numbers.

Do you mean that the prepared statement is converting these numbers to strings?

You are right, my bad I had to use in ( {{ combobox.value }} ). not just {{ combobox.value }}