Using Dynamic Linked Table Field does not use Ids to insert upon submission

I am trying to use the new Forms and create one based on a DB table.

I have a select box, using a linked table to get the values, and that works.
With that, the box uses the id and not name, so it is not a very good UX.

If I pick name instead, that looks much better for the user...

but then upon submission, I get an error for the reference, since it is no longer an id

Unless I am missing it, is there a way to have the name for display and id for the value?

Hi @khill-fbmc, I tried reproducing this issue with no success.

I created a table "moody_users" with columns name and role. I used the same Dynamic setting for role, which is populating the dropdown with the three existing options:

The form submits successfully:

Perhaps this is coming from the default value:

This syntax does work for me:
Screenshot 2024-06-07 at 3.27.08 PM

Thank you for writing all that up, but I went ahead and copied my work from the "Form" to an "App". I needed more control over the layout and inputs

I needed (wanted) to use my development tables, but it is locked to prod.