Using changesetArray with MongoDB to store updates


I'm currently having a hard time using the edit & safe functionality with the new table. For what I know recordUpdates was an array of rows that changed containing all information of the row while changesetArray only hast the _id + the values that changed.

Since I'm using mongoDB I cant just say something like updateAll and pass the whole array but rather have to specify each field. The problem is that you are missing the values that did not change :thinking:

I somehow need to get the rows that changed with all values!

Thanks for your help in Advance

This is a great point, my apologies for not considering mongoDB when designing the behavior for changesetArray!

We're going to add an option to Table that will make changesetArray behave like recordUpdates. It should be available next week!


No worries, it feels like not that many retool users are using mongodb.

Thank you for taking care of it it :ok_hand: