User meta reference in ai / vectors


I am working on a component that will use GPT to generate an email and I would like it to reference a users meta data so that it can input accurate information into the content (ie. job title, company etc.).

I have created the meta data, which I can reference elsewhere without issue using, for example;

{{ current_user.metadata.user_position }} which will return "Sales Director" etc.

However, when I inject this code into Retool AI it will give me the following error;

I am wondering;

  1. Am I using this correctly here?

  2. Can I use this in a vector upload?

  3. Can I reference a database in a vector? (semi-unrelated question)

Thanks in advance,


Hey @chanz, this is an issue with Retool AI. We've detected the root cause and the issue will be fixed next Wednesday.