Use select component as filter and regular input too

Hi i got this use case

i got an app, if you see i have a select component, this may be used as filter to search results from a hidden table

i got configured this


on change to query a sql so it can look up in results of table. But..., client wants to use that same component to use it as a regular select so if client needs to look up all client with UBICACION = CLOSED it uses select component and it look up results in table, but also client wants to change UBICACION of the opened client. Is that even possible? i know the easier way is to have two diff fields, one for filter and one to save ubicacion of the selected client.

what you recommend ? i know with text input its easier as i can put a onsubmit (when client want to save) and onchange when user wants to filter or search only. but select component doesnt have that, it only have onchange.

thank you