Use Mapbox component to generate locations

Hello everyone,

Currently, I collect locations by adding the google map's links to a table. Then I find it inefficient to visualize many locations at once. Fortunately, I just discover the Mapbox component and it's quite interesting and meet the need.

Could anyone guide me how to use it?

Hi @Peera! Happy to help!

Generally, you can input your locations into the Mapbox component via the Points section & the coordinates section. You can wrap your location data in double curly brackets {{}} if it is going to be a dynamic value from a query or component:

We also have a community post with a more advanced implementation of the Mapbox if you want to check it out:

If you get blocked anywhere with this component, can you share some screenshots? Happy to take a look!

Hi @Tess -- Is there an example of a query you can provide within "Points"? Adding separately queried lat and long fields creates a string of latitudes and a string of longitudes that can't be read as lat/long.

Hi @ewen, I'm not sure I'm following. Would you be able to share an example of the data you're working with so that I can help or provide a good example?

Curious if something like this is helpful--

Are the separately queried lat and long queries always the same length?

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