Use links in Comment component

Hi all,

I would like the Comment component to handle website URL as a hyperlink, so I can open the link when I click on it.

Quick example:

  1. I write a note in the Comment component, including website URL (for example,
  2. The note displays in the Comment component
  3. Website URL is handled as a plain text. I would like it to become hyperlink.

Is it possible at the moment?
Thanks, Jan

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I don't see it in the Docs as being possible.

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Thanks, Scott!
As it is nice-to-have feature in my project, I think the problem is solved at the moment.

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@jan_kolros thanks for asking about this, and glad this is a nice-to-have feature for your project. @ScottR is right that this isn't currently handled/possible in the Comment component.

I've logged this point of feedback with the product team and linked that ticket internally, so we can let you know if this does get prioritized to be implemented in the future!