Use IBAN check API

Hi retool community

I'm very new to retool but already outpaced our development team after one day of try&error + google. Already loving it :smiley:

However, I need to implement an API that validates IBANs. I was already able to use simple javascripts within retool but I struggle with the following:

Here the documentation of the API I'm trying to use:

Under "how to use" it says "Download the distribuation file and link it in your project or use public CDN". I'm not sure how to do that in retool and don't a matching documentation / don't know where to look.

Would be great to get some help on this.

Many thanks.

Hi Lukas, welcome to Retool! Glad you're enjoying our product so far.

Given that this API had a CDN ( you should be able to import that into your Retool app like so via the three-dot menu > scripts and styles > Libraries Tab:

Here are our docs for reference:

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Thanks Jay - this was incredibly helpful and fast.