Use custom auth defined magic variable across other resources / queries


I would like to build an app that hits multiple APIs, some through REST and some through GraphQL.

The authentication for these APIs is all the same, they use the same token.

I have tried using a custom auth workflow on one REST resource, triggering that in my app with an Auth button, and then using the magic variable defined in that custom auth workflow across other reaources.

However, when i add a new graphQL query to my app, and try to use the magic variable from the previous Auth flow, it doesn't seem to get replaced for the token.

Is what i'm attempting possible? Otherwise, is there a good way to authenticate multiple resources in the same app at the same time?

Thanks a lot

Hey @tombilske!

Great question, I believe this is possible if you are using this specific on-premise setup. Does your auth scheme require user input or would you be able to pass static credentials to all of your resources separately?

Cool thanks!

So that means it's only possible for On Premise retool, not for hosted retool then?

With the Auth scheme, we use Auth0 so the user is required to interact to get an ID token originally, but after that they don't need to interact in order for the token to refresh etc.

Hey tombilske,

Yes, because this is only possible if you use AuthO for your account SSO, this is only possible for Enterprise on-prem Retool accounts, unfortunately.

You will need to set up Auth individually across your resources. I hope that clarifies this for you!