Use Airtable just like a Postgres database

Hey everyone,

Excited to share a new tool we built for Retool users that work with Airtable - Sync Inc ( With a couple clicks, we’ll setup a hosted Postgres follower database containing all your Airtable data. We keep your database in sync in real-time. All you have to do is connect your Sync Inc database to Retool with the standard Postgres connector.

Airtable and Retool are a great fit. Airtable makes it easy for teams to create and manage data that Retool can turn into powerful workflows and apps. But Retool doesn't have first-class support for Airtable. On top of that, the Airtable API is a little limited and clumsy. When working with our Airtable data, we found ourselves missing the power of SQL.

As we all know, Retool has first-class support for Postgres databases. By turning your Airtable base into a Postgres database, you can plug your Airtable data into Retool in no time.

You can try it out totally free here:

If you’re curious about how it all works, check out our docs:

We’re looking forward to hearing feedback and answering any questions.


This looks very helpful, excited to try it out.

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:mega: Update: Now supporting writes

We added a proxy to Sync Inc that you can use when writing to Airtable from Retool.

The proxy sits in the middle of write requests to ensure that both Airtable and your Sync Inc Postgres database update simultaneously.

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This ensures your Retool app is responsive and fast as you manipulate the underlying data in Airtable.

You can read more about how it works in our docs: Reference | Sequin

Or, if you'd like a step-by-step guide, check our our Retool playbook:

:film_projector: Update: Step-by-step Video Tutorial

In addition to our docs and playbook, we put together a video tutorial to show how you can rapidly build a Retool app on Airtable using Sync Inc and SQL.

More to come!