Usage of undefined variables inside a query


I have a query to be used with REST API. I want to use a custom variable which I will also trigger from another query later by passing via additionalScope. This rest query is connected to a table so it will be called initially without my custom trigger coming from a from.
In this initial loading, disablePage or disablePagination (don’t mind the naming), will be undefined (null).

When I run the query initially, I see the value of undefined variable to be null in the URL itself. Therefore I would expect something like {{ !disablePage }} to return true instead of null.

How can I achieve to use an undefined variable in my logical expressions when they are not defined?


If I could be able to reset table1.afterCursor on table1.selectPage(0) or on running the query again (because it sets the page to 1 but doesn’t reset afterCursor), none of these would be required as well. :slight_smile:

I achieved a fix by doing this:

{{ typeof paginationCheck !== "undefined" ? false : table1.afterCursor && 'offset' }}

But I don’t think this is nice.