URL based routing


for performance reasons i want to split my application into two parts.

  1. List of deals in a table that needs to be worked on
  2. App with selected deal details

Let's assume i have a custom domain already like https://portal.domain.com/app/deals for the first part (list of items to be worked on)

Now if i click on an item, i want to be redirected to an app with URL like this:

I would also have the possibility to just change the URL from 51 -> 52 and see the specific deal details of that resource.

How can i achieve this?

Hi @whynot thanks for reaching out!

Currently, we do support some url customization, as noted here: Custom URLs for web apps | Retool Docs

so you can have a /deals app. However, currently you'd have to pass the specific deal info as a url param instead of including it in the path dynamically

You could have something like:

Main app: https://portal.domain.com/app/deals

Drill down app: https://portal.domain.com/app/deal?id=51

We're working on some projects related to multi-page apps, so I'll leave this open as a feature request