[Urgent] Retool Crashes every time I edit a specific App's code section

  • Goal: Attempting to edit my App's code.

  • Steps: Attempting to edit my App's code in any way crashes every Retool tab on my browser. This started happening after I added a JSON object to my Code tab.

  • Details: This is blocking my entire organization's usage of Retool since this automatically committed the change and now crashes everyone's Retool whenever they try to edit the App. The code is stuck in a faulty state so no one can even use that App now. The App in question is the main reason my company uses Retool.

  • Screenshots:

  • App json export: (here's how to get a json export)

Hey @ike_at_hebbia Can you use the historyOffset URL parameter to recover the application state from before this breaking change was introduced, as described here?

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Hey @everett_smith – that did the trick. Thanks for the feedback!

Moving forward, how can I make edits to the Code structure in my App without crashing it?

Specifically, the edit I made was adding a nested JSON object to the initial value a State element took. I'm unsure why it failed in such a strong way.