"Urgent Help Needed: Mobile App Configuration Issues and Missing Components in Retool"


Since yesterday, I can no longer configure the mobile version of my apps. I am getting the following message for all my apps:

"Loading chunk 8415 failed. (missing: mobile)."

Additionally, references to components in my requests don't work anymore. Nothing is working! The screenshot shows that "table1" is undefined, although the state does indeed contain values.

Hi Maxime,

We've already raised an incident to address the chunking issues. Could you please DM me an export of your app? (top right -> export to JSON)

I was able to reproduce the undefined linting issues, not sure if related to the incident, but it seems to work and send the correct values despite the linting issue. If you run the query, does it work as expected? (I expect it's just a linting issue for you also)

Also just a heads up there's a thread with an engineer already looking into this here: Loading chunk 8415 failed. (missing: https://allcandy.retool.com/mobile/static/js/8415.9226f059.chunk.js) - #3 by bca

but I've passed the separate linting issues into the incident thread for review to confirm if it's related.

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This issue has been fixed! :slightly_smiling_face: