URGENT - get access to backup for production issue


I delete a table in production and would like to have access to the infrastructure backup you proceed on your side to be able to restore the table.

Can you help, it's urgent :frowning:

Hi, are you self-hosted or on-cloud?

Hey @Eric_Melka, do you still need help with a restoration on Retool DB?

I'm cloud based. I found a way to manage the short term issue but yes if I can get a backup of the database from May 3 it would be great. I don't want to restore the database completely, just being able to get back the old data and reload the table I lost :smiley:

@Eric_Melka, no problem! Just to clarify, this is for the instance with the leclubeq subdomain?

Are you looking to restore both environments staging and production? Or just one or the other?
Any particular time on May 3?

Once I have all that, I'll get it restored for you. Thanks!

Yes leclubeq subdomain.
Only prod but to be clear I don't want to restore the environment since we continued to use it since and if you restore we will loose 6 days of operations.

I would like to to get a dump of Assign_Monture_Cavalier table in production environment so I can reload only this table (dump from a backup from May 3th end of day EST).

If not possible please do not restore anything :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we only have the capability of restoring the DB from a specific point in time (I believe retention is the prior 7 days), so I can't provide a dump of specific table data for May 3. So, I will not restore anything.

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ok thank you

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