Urgent: Can't add users with new invite users panel

The new invite users panel won't allow me to add new users and set permissions.

The user email field consistently empties after typing or pasting in an email address and the permission group multi-select panel doesn't scroll so I can't see the full list of groups. This is a business plan using v3.34.0 cloud, tested using Chrome and Edge on a Mac.

Hey @ash-c! Just tested this out and there's definitely some usability issues here, getting a report to the team. You can get the email to stay in the User emails field if you click on the email address after you type it in.

Yes, the address will stay if I select it from the dropdown. I still can't scroll through the permissions selection though, but I can attach those from the permission groups directly until it's fixed.

Correct, you currently have to type / search for any permission group not in the viewable list. I'll update you here as soon as I hear back from the eng team responsible.

@ash-c, we've reverted to the older invite form. Can you confirm that the previous functionality has returned?

@joeBumbaca it has - the option to add a series of email addresses and the scrolling permissions has returned. Thank you.

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Great, thanks for the confirmation!