Upsert option not working with Mongo DB Atlas resource

I have a mongo db resource that uses an update one command and in the options I have specified upsert to be set to True. I am testing with a record that does not exist to see if Retool will pass the upsert command to insert the record if it doesn't exist.
I have tested this command, and variations of it, using pymongo and Studio 3T with upsert and it worked without issues so I know it works outside of retool.
When I run the resource in Retool it comes back with an error stating it cannot create the field in the element. It's as though it's not passing the upsert command properly.
Is my syntax off? Does Retool not pass the upsert command properly? Is there another option I should use?

Got it working. I had to change it to an object in the mongodb atlas side, for some reason it would update via python and running the commands through Studio 3T, however, when coming from Retool it didn't like it.