Uploading multiple files via API POST

I need to upload and configure multiple files using the POST method and I noticed the end-user needed to interact with each file when sending an API POST request. Is there a way to reference a CSV spreadsheet and post the files to a server automatically?

So I had the opposite issue, I needed to download multiple files via an API call. I had to convert the photo to binary using one API call and then download the photo using another API call and then looped through until all the photos were downloaded. I wrote a JS file that reference each API. Hopefully this can point you in the right direction.

var myStringArray= getPhotos.data.FullUrl;
var arrayLength = myStringArray.length;
//async function go() {
for (var i=0; i <arrayLength; i++) {

 await getBinaryImageUrlOneDrive.trigger({
   additionalScope :{
    imageURL: getPhotos.data.FullUrl[i]
    additionalScope: {
    imageName: getPhotos.data.PhotoId[i]+'.jpg',
    imageCustomer: tableCustomers.selectedRow.data.Customer


These docs may also be helpful context for the above!

This sounds possible but it may also be dependent on your setup. I'm curious to know where the files you're looking to upload live as well as where the CSV currently lives.

Thank you. I'm currently working through the 5 consecutive API calls and I'm having trouble uploading a PDF via API call #3. I'm only getting a partials response.

The partials response (from Retool)
"successful": true,
"output": {}
The complete response: (from Postman)

"successful": true,

"output": {

    "document": {

        "documentId": "94465334971031495955512723150871158345556",

        "documentName": "Chris Abrams - FCAS Admin Utility Tool Access Request Form-updated 5-9-15.pdf",

        "documentSize": 74002,

        "printReady": false




Hmmm :thinking: that is odd, would you mind sharing how you have that request configured? Also curious to know if you're able to verify whether or not the PDF has been uploaded to your backend despite the partial response.