Upload file to retool storage not in editor

In this youtube video you can toggle "upload file to retool storage". However.. there's no option for that in my editor.

We have this ready behind a feature flag we can roll out for you by EoD tomorrow. I will enable this for you then.


Would is also be possible to have it closed by default? Or using js to set it to closed?

It’s helpful to have it closed so there’s no clutter.

Sorry, could you please help clarify - what should be closed?

Hi there! Could you enable this on my account as well, please?

Having some trouble getting the image from an image input into an attachment using Retool Email. Hoping this helps, but also open to other suggestions otherwise.

Sorry! This was a reply to another thread. Nothing to do with this. So I still don’t have this option to check that checkbox to upload it directly to retool storage.

Or has this not been shipped yet @himanshu ?

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Hi @BobandBill! I'm sorry we had to roll back our release and redeploy today. I just enabled it for you! Let me know if this helps.




Still, it seems not to upload. There's no "retoolStorageUrl" and it also doesn't upload automatically. Seems outdated already.

Can you please share a recording? We return the storage Id which you can use to fetch objects from storage, so the demo is outdated yes.

Hey @himanshu , could you please also enable the retool storage as well as uploading from image input for my workspace finnsam.retool.com? :slight_smile:


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