Updating Postgre Db


I have been trying and trying today to update the PostgreSQL database I set up this morning and no matter what I try, the database does not update. I attached a screenshot of the GUI mode I set up to achieve this. Am I missing something?

Can you post more info? What does the recordUpdates value? What’s the change?

Basically I was just testing, so the only two fields I tried to make changes in are dealer_cancellation, which is a boolean field, and status, which is a text field.

Hey @tomm! Hmm, and are you getting any error (or success) messages after you run the query?

Hi @victoria,

Strangely enough, the updates are working today and I did not make any changes. Very odd.

Very strange indeed.

I’m glad it’s working now though and please do reach out again anytime. Cheers!

I did have another question concerning the Postgre Db. I have been trying to programmatically display text based on the value of boolean field. In my javascript I've tried currentRow.dealer_cancellation == 'TRUE', currentRow.dealer_cancellation == 'true', currentRow.dealer_cancellation == 't' and several others I can't remember and none of them seem to work. Is there something special that needs done when dealing with boolean?

Yup! I believe

currentRow.dealer_cancellation == true

Or just


Should do the trick! The latter works because everything in Javascript is either “truthy” or “falsy”, so just putting the value there will evaluate as the appropriate Boolean (true or false) either way :slight_smile: